An Intercontinental Airfreight Centre Planned To Be Built In Finland


The project, four years in the planning stage, would be financed with 200 million euros worth of private funds. The airport could be operational already in 2020 and would be located in Southwest Häme, near Forssa in close proximity to the highways two and nine. As Finland is situated half way, about 8 hours flight away, from both China’s major cities and North America’s East Coast it would act as a logistics hub. The airport would also service the intercontinental flight connections to other European countries.

The growth in online sales has increased the need for airfreight connections, especially from Asian countries, as many of the online retailers keep very small or no stocks at all.

A gigantic logistics centre is to be built right next to the airport, big enough to accommodate trains inside it. The railway connection would be made from the nearby Turku-Tampere track. Around 50 flights cross Finland daily these days, most of these being large freight planes travelling between East and West. (Source: Kauppalehti 29.11.2011)

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