Mining Industry Keeps On Growing In Finland


Only a few years back, the Finnish mining industry was facing great difficulties due to a minimum amount of contracts. Then the economic growth of countries like China, India etc. rose the need for metals which in turn affected the prices of said metals favorably and returned the interested in the Finnish mines.

According to Finland’s vision, our 4 million ton mining quantities few years back will be 70 million tons come 2020 and there are 40 new mines in the planning stage these days. Finland’s strength lies with our versatile ore stocks; we’ve got not only the basic metals, but also precious metals as well as the more rare critical metals in our soil.

The upcoming years will see the projects regarding the mining industry in Finland and an estimation of 1 billion euros invested in them. These investments would double the mining industry turnover from 1,16 billion to over 2 billion euros. (Source: Etelä Suomen Sanomat, 4.11.11 & Northern Ostrobothnia Entrepreneurs magazine 5/2011)

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