The Renewing Wood Industry


The Finnish forestry industry has started to develop new products; for example wood based raw materials for the clothing industry and cellulose applications for laptops. A lot of expectations are also placed on biochemicals and medicines.

Hannu Kivelä, a leading consultant from Finpro, says that the biggest hit in the industry is expected to be nanocellulose in the next 5 to 10 years.

These innovations have been triggered by the change that is flowing through the industry, development initiated by the climate change, environmental awareness and the economic strengthening of the developing countries.

The demand for paper in diminishing in the crucial European markets, as far as the Finnish forestry industry is concerned, due to the digitalization of information distribution. According to Kivelä, the demand is now based on new products and services. One of the biggest trends for the forestry industry has been ecological wood building which is regarded high due to its positive environmental and climate impact. (Source: Kauppalehti 29.11.2011)

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