World's First Moveable Block Of Flats Was Built In Finland


World's first moveable block of flats building was transferred from the shipyard of Turku on 8th of September. The three floor building was moved to its location on an island. Weighting 200 tons, the building is made from carton steel. Building's structure is so stiff that interior and tiling were already finished before the move. The company which ordered the building wanted it to be movable because they had rented the property for it, so they can move the building when the rent contract ends.

Similar concrete building would have weighted about five times more and moving it would have been impossible. Steel carton is a Finnish innovation; it is cheap and unique building material. Steel carton building has been compared to techniques used in Japan to build buildings that are resistant to earthquakes. Steel carton can be used in a similar way but it is more simpler and cheaper than the older techniques. (Source: 08.09.2011, YLE)  

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