Certain Finnish Companies Are Coming Home From China


Few years past, the trend was to relocate the production of Finnish companies to China in order to maximize profits by lowering the production costs.

These days, certain Finnish companies are looking to pack up and come back home as the costs in China are steadily rising. Other factors for the transitions include the uncertainties regarding orders and transportation of goods. Also, the link between product develoment and production has been seen too long and changing the production is slow. These reasons have resulted certain quality and delivery sensitive companies to return to Finland. 

Companies that have brought production back to Finland: Valtavalo (led-lights), Helkama (Jopo-bicycles), Lappset (playgrounds and theme parks), Suomen Kumitehdas (Reino&Aino slippers) and Nelostuote (board games). Many of these companies have received positive news coverage and increased sales in Finland. (Source: Taloussanomat, 16.12.2011)

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coming home?

Which of the Finnish companies are coming from China?

- Thu Jan 05 07:18:54 2012

Markus Pitkänen

They are moving production from China back to Finland, so in a sense they are "coming home".

InnoConnections - Thu Jan 05 11:02:31 2012