EU-researchers Support Establishment Of A Neutrino Laboratory To Finland


EU-researchers support establishment of a neutrino laboratory to Finland, near Pyhäsalmi mine. A conference held in Krakova in September 2012 prepared a new strategy for Europe’s particle physics in which the researchers’ views came out. Laguna consortium has done a lot of research regarding the best place for the laboratory and they believe Pyhäsalmi mine would be the most suitable option.

Laguna consortium consists of 47 science and industrial partners from 14 different countries all over the world. Pyhäsalmi would be suitable because of the optimal 2300 km distance from Cern, excellent infrastructure, good location in terms of traffic and low neutrino radiation coming from nuclear power plants. The laboratory would be the first research institute shared with EU-countries in Finland. The apparatus in Pyhäsalmi mine would measure the neutrino shower sent from Europe’s particle physics’ research center Cern through the crust of earth. The experiment is called LBNO, long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment. With the help of LBNO most important particle physics scientific questions may be solved.

According to the director of the consortium, Professor Mr. Jukka Maalampi, the research institute would stand as an improvement to Finland’s international scientific activity, which has been criticized to be too scarce. It would also raise Finland’s image as a technology country. Finland is expected to participate in building of the institute which means major high technology investment in Finland. EU is financing the design from its FP-7 framework and all participant countries take part in funding the research equipment. (Source: Tekniikka&Talous, 16.10.2012)

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