Finland’s Education System Ranked As The Best In The World


A global league table published by education firm Pearson has ranked Finland’s education system as the best in the developed world.

High-performing Asian education systems follow Finland; second place is taken by South Korea, accompanied by Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. At the lowest end are Mexico, Brazil and Indonesia.

The league table combines international test results and data gathered between 2006 and 2010. The data is based on global test results combined with measures of education systems, such as how many people go on to university. The weightings for the rankings have been produced by the Economic Intelligence Unit. These comparisons utilize tests that are taken every three or four years and therefore display a picture covering several years.

Sir Michael Barber, Person’s chief education adviser, says successful countries have developed a culture that is supportive of learning and they give teachers a high status, too. The success of Asian countries expresses the high value attached to education and the expectations of parents. When comparing the top counties – Finland and South Korea - there are many big differences. The common aspect is a shared social belief in the importance of education. In addition to that, teacher quality plays an important role even though there is no clear link between higher relative pay and higher performance. (Source:, 27.11.2012)

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