Finland’s Largest Wind Power Park To Be Built To Ii


Undoubtedly the largest wind power park will be built in Olhava, Ii. The project will be funded by three separate constructors’ investments totaling EUR 150 million and will host 38 turbines with a combined power of 114 MW.

In addition to these new investments, there are already eight wind turbines in Ii and according to wind power probes; there are still plenty of space for new turbines in the area.

The municipality, situated on the Shore of Ii River, is known as a significant wind power producer. The whole of Ii area produces approximately 400 GWh of electricity energy per annum which consists wholly of water electricity.

After the wind power investments are completed, Ii will get 285 GWh of electricity from wind per annum that converts to 15,000 electricity heated houses electricity usage on a yearly basis. The town itself uses approximately 70 GWh of electricity per annum hence the electricity produced with wind power is four times the usage. (Source:, 20.02.2012)

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