Finnish Carbon Dioxide Neutralizing Company Is Expanding All Over The World


Cuycha Innovations, a Finnish company focusing on neutralizing carbon dioxide, established two new collaboration companies in Australia and Great Britain. Cuycha Innovations is marketing a process developed by a Finnish professor, Matti Nurmia. In this process the carbon dioxide is neutralized to bicarbonates, which can be released to the nature.

In Great Britain the company pursues to participate in a £20 million funding round of carbon dioxide reclaiming, and in Australia Cuycha aims at building one carbon dioxide neutralizing plant. At the moment, they are building a neutralizing plant in South Africa. The plant should be operating in the beginning of 2013. They aim to handle million tons of carbon dioxide in three years. At the moment the company has altogether 12 delivery projects. (Tekniikka & Talous, 15.08.2012)

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Why hasn't this breakthrough received more Int'l coverage?

- Sat Jun 29 12:14:45 2013

Markus - InnoConnections

I believe the reason is that there are other carbon dioxide neutralizing processes being developed as well. This is one company working in the field, which has not gotten a lot of press yet.

InnoConnections - Mon Jul 01 09:46:10 2013