S-Group Is Building A Logistics Center To Sipoo


S-Group builds a large logistics center near their new consumer goods warehouse in Bastukärr, Sipoo. S-Group’s Logistics Centers company has signed a letter of intent with Freeway, which is a consortium between Lemminkäinen and Skanska. Both Lemminkäinen and Skanska have equal shares in Freeway. The logistics center’s area is going to be approximately 193 000 gross squares and volume nearly 3.4 million cubic meters. They are planning to start the construction work in summer 2013 and continue until autumn 2018.

Lemminkäinen executed the construction of the consumer goods warehouse for S-Group in 2010-2012. Warehouse is located on a property next to the envisaged logistics center. The warehouse worth € 150 million was originally constructed to S-Group’s wholesale business Inex Partners, but it was later transferred to S-Group’s use. 80 000 square meters and 1.1 million cubes logistics center replaced the 25-years-old central warehouse in Hakkila, Vantaa.
(Source: http://www.hs.fi, 2.11.2012)

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