Finland Ranked Number One In Press Freedom Index


Three years in a row Finland has been noted as the country which respects media freedom the most. The following four countries are the Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg and Andorra. Countries with democracy are at the top of the index whilst dictatorial countries are at the bottom. The last three countries are again Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea.

The Index is not directly linked to the political systems but democracy has been seen to offer better protection for news and information flow. Political instability, however, has an impact on the production of news and information. For example, some European countries like Italy and Greece, have problems with legislation, and in dictatorial countries news providers and their families are often threatened with retaliation.

In 2013, an annual global ”indicator” was published for the first time. It measures how world’s governments perform in their entirety regarding the freedom of information. In the population of a region based weighing the score can be 0-100, zero being total respect for freedom of media. Europe scored best by 17.5 while the Middle East and North Africa region had the worst result, 48.5. (Source:, Feb 2013)

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