Finland’s Largest Biogas Plant Planned To Be Build In Lahti


Ministry of Employment and the Economy has granted financial assistance to Kujalan Komposti’s and Gasum’s project for buiding a biogas plant. Ministry supports Kujalan Komposti’s €14 million investment by €4.2 million and Gasum’s €5.4 million investment by €1.5 million.

The biogas plant will be built to Lahti, Finland to Kujalan Komposti’s waste centre area. Organic waste will be rotted to gas and then refined to 95% methane which is similar to natural gas. The gas will be directed to Gasum’s gas network.

The project is Finland’s largest planned biogas production and refinement plant. The plant would produce 50 gigawatt hours annually. The planning was started in summer 2012 and project’s environmental impacts’ assessment has been completed. Environmental permission is still being processed in the Regional State Administrative Agency. (Source:, 14.12.2012)

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