Finnish Company’s Invention Can Collapse the Need for Chemical Fertilizers


National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland have given a patent for a new fertilizer and fertilizer method of which has been developed by a Finnish company called Biokasvu (Bio growth). This invention utilizes traditional plant nutrients, natural bacteria of the land and nutrient reserves which are absorbed to the land as a result of intensive farming.

The core of the innovation is optimizing the carbon-nitrogen rations as well as the right minerals and supplements. This enables a competitive harvest with 40 % smaller nitrogen dosage than that of today. This new fertilizer method can be used in organic farming and almost in all vegetable cultivation. The method creates new possibilities to utilize wastes and effluents of industry and for the society it offers a possibility to recycle nutrients. According to Biokasvu, the invention can help reduce the need of chemical fertilizers to fractions of the current state. (Source:, 10.4.2013)

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