Finnish Innovation: Seawater Drinkable With Wave Energy


Aalto University has developed a concept, that enables making seawater drinkable with wave energy. The technology is ground-breaking because at the moment similar facilities use only electrical or heat energy. This innovation could help with the chronic water shortage in the world. In this AaltoRo concept, 25-30 meters wide and 10 meters high wing is moving in the sea with help of waves and pressurizing water at the same time. Pressurized water goes to the facility, where the salt is separated from water with reversed osmosis. Finally water is post-processed to ensure drinkable water.

According to calculations, the best places for these facilities would be in Australia, Canary Island, Chile, Hawai, southern part of Africa and USA west coast. According to International desalination agency 632 fresh water facilities were built between July 2011 and August 2012. (Source:, 28.1.2013)

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