Solar Energy Sector Is Growing Steadily In Finland


Supply and the demand for solar energy is growing steadily in Finland. There have been many new solar energy projects in progress, which will possibly create notable amount of new businesses and jobs. The chairman of an independent research institute for renewable energy ECN Wim Sinke estimates, that despite the momentary crisis, the growth tendency will likely continue: “We are getting close to a breakthrough, as many significant solar energy solutions are presented on the global stage”,  

Many new solar energy solutions are in development in Finland: solar thermal collectors for different purposes and protective coating for solar cells.  Laser and industrial automation solutions company, Cencorp starts to provide solar energy modules and circuits as well as production automation. Cencorp’s final goal is to manufacture and start a production line for solar energy modules. The factory should be ready in the beginning of 2014.

The city of Espoo is planning solar energy investments. They are going to utilize solar energy in the city hospital, in the area of Suurpello in Opinmäki’s campus, as well as in kindergartens and schools. (Source:, 12.2.2013)

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