The Investments On LNG Terminal Started – Finland Invested € 100 Million


Inkoo in Finland should have a strong position in the race for the huge liquefied natural gas terminal planned to be located on the Baltic Sea area. Minister of Economic Affairs Jan Vapaavuori and The Minister of Finance of Estonia Juhan Parts did not reach an agreement on which country the terminal will be built, and thus, have transferred the decision making to the European Commission. The commission may reach a decision in July at the earliest.

According to the Industrial Counsellor Herkko Plit, there are two things in favour for Finland: technical criteria in energy investments and the leading lng-market position around the Baltic Sea. Finland wants to prove the Commission the willingness to develop also smaller lng-terminals. On 23rd of May, the government revealed that up to € 100 million are invested in smaller lng-terminals around the coast of Finland in 2013 and 2014.

The huge lng-terminal creates costs of up to half billion euros. EU has promised a financial support of a couple of hundred million euros for the project. (Source: , 24.5.2013)

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