Finland Aims To Double Food Exports


Due to the increasing trade deficit in groceries, the Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation (ETL) sets a goal of doubling Finnish food and beverage exports. Currently the amount of imported goods (€ 4.3 billion) is almost three times larger than the export (€ 1.5 billion).

Small- and medium sized companies are showing an increasing interest in exporting. ETL CEO Heikki Juutinen, agrees that there is a good opportunity to increase food exports since Finland has plenty of excellent, specialized food products with demand also abroad. ETL considers the Finnish products' assets to be high-level hygiene, product safety, advanced technology and high quality care of livestock.

The food industry is currently the fourth largest industry in Finland, employing roughly 32 500 people and as a whole the food chain employs around 300 000 people which is 12 % of the country's total workforce. (Source: , 12.12.2013)

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