Finnish Cleantech Keeps On Growing


The Finnish cleantech sector's turnover rose by 5 % to € 25.8 billion in 2013. The results were reported by Cleantech Finland’s survey. While many sectors have been showing signs of stagnation for the past couple of years, cleantech has been growing and still holds further growth potential. 90% of the companies interviewed said they would offer more jobs in the next 5 years, and 88% said they would expand to new foreign markets within the same time frame.

Finnish cleantech is an export driven industry; 53% of the companies’ turnover comes from exports. In 2013, the most essential foreign markets for Finnish cleantech were Sweden, Germany, Russia, Great Britain, and China

The Ministry of Employment and Economy aims to double cleantech’s turnover to € 50 billion and create 40 000 new jobs by 2020. (Source:, 7.5.2014)

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