Growing Hotel Investments In Finland


Investments for new hotels are growing even though hotel business is struggling to stay profitable in Finland. Investors are putting hundreds of millions of euros into new projects as tourism is expected to grow in the future and cities want to be able to meet the demand when it does.

Most of the projects are to be built to  the capital city region, Tampere and Rovaniemi: Restel is building two new hotels in Helsinki. Norwegian hotel investor Arthur Burchardt is building a 100 million tower hotel in Helsinki. Marriot hotel is planned to be built in Espoo. Royal Ravintolat are expanding their hotels with EUR 40-50 million and planning to build several new hotels in the next few years. Two new hotels are being built in Rovaniemi.

New investments are on the way because it is cheaper to build during regression. Still, the field remains unstable as for example Omenahotellit discount hotel chain just applied to company reorganization. There are 51 215 hotel rooms in Finland with a utilization rate of 51.4 % during January-July 2014. (Source:, 22.10.2014)

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