Finnish Organic Food Market Continues To Grow


Organic food products retail sales grew by 6.7 % in Finland in 2015. In comparison, the total grocery sales declined almost 1 %. The organic food market grew 24 % in 2012, 10 % during 2013 and 5 % in 2014.

According to Pro Luomu estimate gathered from grocery companies organic products were sold for €240 million in 2015. Organic products’ share rose to 1.8 % of all grocery sales. The success of organic products can be seen in increasing interest among Finnish consumers, declining prices as well as the availability of products in stores.

Large growth product groups were fresh organic meat, organic coffee and organic cheeses. Organic ice cream also recorded substantial growth as there were new Finnish organic ice creams launched to the market. Organic fruits and vegetables remained as the most sold product group and organic milk is the most sold product with about 15 % of the total organic market.

Grocery retail experts expect organic products to grow in the future too. According to a forecast made in 2015, the Finnish organic food market will be over €410 million in 2020 and hold about 3 % of the total grocery market. (Source: Finnish Organic Association,, 3.2.2016)

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