Finns Eat Increasing Amounts Of Vegetables And Fruits


Finnish grocery retail market leader S Group informs that vegetables and fruits were bought 12 million kilos more in 2015 than in 2014. This means an annual increase of over 2 kilos per a Finn.

For example, sales of pumpkin 13-folded, yellow beet increased 30-times and dates were sold four times more than in 2014. Kale increased its sales by 180 %, persimmon 150 % and parsnip 50 %. Finnish grown pear was another hit product. Both Kesko and Lidl also report growth in the sales of vegetables and fruits.

S Group aims to support Finns enthusiasm and increase its variety of fruits and vegetables. Most of the vegetables Finns eat consist only of 10 different varieties and the top three fruits are the usual citruses, banana and apple. (Source:, 4.1.2016,, )

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