Bioeconomy Possibilities in Finland


Finnish companies and foreign investors are planning major investments into new bio refineries, machinery convergence, material and energy efficiency, as well as wood product industry.

There are four bio refineries in the planning stage which could be located to Kuopio, Kemijärvi, Paltamo and Haapavesi. There is also a biodiesel plant discussion with Chinese investors to Kemi and a letter of intent of bio ethanol production to Pietarsaari. If all these plans go through this could mean investments of about €4 billion in Finland.

Even if none of the above mentioned refineries and plants would materialize, the three huge Finnish forestry, pulp, cardboard and paper companies invested €1.9 billion to their operations in 2016. A major proportion of the investments were to Finland and the investments needs are €1.6 billion for 2017. The key investment targets are wooden building components and cardboard packaging.

It is forecasted that by 2030 majority of chemicals are bio based and carbon dioxide is more widely used as a raw material. For example lignin can replace fossil ingredients in resins and glues. There are substantial R&D efforts in Finland, with spinoff companies moving from research to commercial applications. Examples include new composites, packaging materials, nanocellulose, textile fibres, food products, medicines, feeds, and biofuels. (Sources: Tekniikka ja Talous 29.11.2017, 8.2.2017 & 15.2.2017)

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