Vegetable Product Consumption On The Rise In Finland


Different vegetable based products are increasing interest in Finland. For example, Finland’s second biggest grocery retail company Kesko has dedicated shelves for vegetarian products in already 200 stores. Among the high growth items are vegetable protein products, vegan ice cream, vegetable drinks as well as soy and bean products.

Finns are replacing especially dairy products with vegetable protein products. Kesko reports that non-dairy creams have grown 63 %, non-dairy yoghurts have risen 56 %, non-dairy drinks have grown 47 %, and non-dairy puddings record 26 % growth in sales. It is estimated that vegetable protein products have grown 20 % in volume when compared to 2016, and the growth has been about 50 % when compared to the situation two years back.

The increasing interest in vegetable based products has also driven the sales of hummus and falafel products to 305 % increase when compared to last year. The sales development of Finnish meat replacement hit products such as Nyhtökaura (pulled oat) and Härkis (fava bean) have been several hundreds of percents and Quorn and Oumph! vegan products are also showing steady increase in sales. (Source: Tekniikka & Talous, 11.6.2017)

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