Cold technology - hot opportunities

Due to its Northern location, and with the most northern regions falling above the Arctic Circle, Finnish companies and research institutions have developed substantial knowledge in cold technology. Whether you are interested in the protection of your equipment, people or buildings from the cold or generating cooling solutions for equipment and spaces, Finland is the way to look.

In Finland, you can test and develop products in the most extreme circumstances. Universities and universities of applied sciences offer qualified personnel for research and testing. Various vehicle and component manufacturers perform their tests in Northern Finland. Real life conditions provide valuable data for development of any product designed for cold climates. Also, product testing can be carried out in cold chambers during the summers.

Know-how on cold climate building and construction in Finland is high. Buildings here need to be protected from cold, ground frost and snow. Hence, the Finns have developed appropriate skills and technologies to deal with these issues. For instance, the insulation of buildings is of very high quality. Foreign companies can benefit from Finland's vast knowledge on dealing with cold through research, testing or project partnerships.

Recently, capacity for wind power has increased rapidly in cold areas of our planet. Winter sees more wind than summer and denser air increases production. The demand is growing not only for wind power, but also for technologies that prevent the machinery breaking up or blades freezing in coldest conditions.