Engineering & Machinery

As resources become more expensive and scarce, engineering and machinery industries require more efficient material processing methods and systems, better components and ways to cut down costs in the competitive environment. Finnish companies are strong in building ship and power plant engines, pulp and paper machines, ore and mineral handling equipment, elevators, cranes and lifts as well as forestry and agriculture machines.

Due to long tradition in forestry industries, Finnish companies have developed cutting edge forestry machines and solutions which they export large amounts to all over the world.

Agriculture machinery is mostly sold to EU countries. Production consists of tractors, field machinery, harvesters, indoor equipment, transportation and special equipment. The products are durable, as they are designed for demanding northern climates.

The metal processing industry manufactures and further processes steel, copper, stainless steel, zinc and nickel products for the metal, machinery, automotive, construction, and electronics industries.

Because of long distances and Finland’s dependency on foreign trade, many Finnish companies operate in material handling and logistics fields. Solutions and products have been developed for warehouses, terminals and ports. Many of these companies are multinational with export activities, but there is also a strong SME field serving larger companies and manufacturing industries.