Health care in Finland


e-Health, or wellness technology, is one of the most rapidly growing high technology industries in the world. Its growth has been boosted by ageing population − the silver economy, cost pressures on health care services and people’s growing interest in improving their personal health and general condition. In the future, the services will be offered more directly to the customer at home and to the workplace with the help of telematics.

Finland has one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world and boasts internationally renowned expertise in information technology. These, combined with considerable public and private investments and close co-operation between research organizations, high technology companies and health care centres, have been expediting the e-Health development in Finland. Geographically, the e-Health expertise is concentrated especially in the Helsinki and Oulu regions.

Finland is one of the leading countries in the development of the wireless health and wellness technologies, which are used, for example, in enhancing healthcare processes, monitoring the patient's vital functions, and in locating and tracking of patients, personnel and equipment.

Other examples of highly developed e-Health products are compatible patient record systems as well as intelligent systems supporting decision-making in the health care chain. There are also information network applications for self-care, independent coping and well-being at home, work and in hobbies. One of the best success stories of Finnish e-Health companies are Polar and Suunto, whose heart rate monitors and other sports equipment are used all around the world.

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