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InnoConnections has helped over 500 companies in establishing business connections in Finland and other markets we cater in Europe. Here are a few references from our customers who have given a permission to include their testimonial to our site:

Business meeting program for a structural engineering company

"Structural engineering company Poka 3D was active in Scandinavian countries and we proceeded to develop Finland with the help of Markus Pitkänen from InnoConnections. Out of a longlist of 30 companies he arranged us seven very well fitting meetings in Finland. As structural engineering is a long-term business Poka 3D appreciated the quality of the longlist and the meeting companies. Markus also helped Poka 3D on the road, shared his knowledge on the Finnish business and local culture, as well as participated in the meetings. Markus also took meeting notes, so I could concentrate on discussing with people and answering their questions. The notes were very useful when I prepared my meeting documentation and followed up on the companies upon return to home. I highly recommend Markus for his work in developing B2B contacts in Finland."
Poka3D - CEO & Founder Mr. Gabor Poka

Virtual meeting program for an electric and automation installation company

"Insta Globe Engineering (IGE) first did a market entry project with InnoConnections in cooperation with a public export development organization. After a successful project, IGE decided to look for further contacts from Finland directly with InnoConnections. Starting from the preparation of meetings via very efficient summaries of potential leads, InnoConnections' coordination of meetings achieved excellent results. The meetings are really efficient as both parties already know each other through InnoConnections introductions and meeting company profiles. The export development project lead into 12 meetings and 9 prospects out of a list of 35 leads which is just an excellent result. The cooperation was always very professional on a high level of precision and appreciation. IGE considers InnoConnections as "Super Service Provider" and we plan to look into other markets with the help of InnoConnections."
Insta Globe Engineering - Sales & Business Development Manager Mr. Patrick Gerber

Lead hunt for a mobile and wireless device testing and certification company

"TESTiLABS was interested to find new leads from Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands. Based on the project content definition and price InnoConnections was selected to provide the lead hunt during autumn 2020 and spring 2021. TESTiLABS gave a very strict specification on what kind of leads we were after and provided long lists of already known companies from the countries, to be excluded from the search. Within these tight terms InnoConnections delivered excellent quality leads ahead the planned schedule."
TESTiLABS - Sales and Marketing Director Mr. Risto Tiimisjärvi

Business meeting program for a metal subcontracting company

"As part of our business meeting program we engaged Markus Pitkanen (InnoConnections) as our key on the ground representative for Finland. Markus short listed and contacted potential clients, arranged for meeting times, provided detailed briefs and was present with us at our visits to company sites.

Markus performed to a high standard in every way. His approach was always professional and his organisation skills second to none. He was excellent in following our brief on selection of potential customers, provided detailed itinerary plans and represented us well during client meetings. We highly recommend Markus and will gladly continue our relationship into the future." 
PQE - Managing Director Mr. Paul Quinn

Lead hunt for a mobile and wireless device testing and certification company

"TESTiLABS requested a quotation from multiple service provides to search customer leads from Sweden. Based on the project content definition and price InnoConnections was selected to provide the lead hunt. We gave a very strict specification on what kind of leads we were after. InnoConnections delivered excellent quality leads ahead the planned schedule."
TESTiLABS - Sales and Marketing Director Mr. Risto Tiimisjärvi 

Client and partner search for scubber water treatment solution

"In the framework of a Luxembourg state visit to Finland, Apateq participated in the economic delegation keen in meeting local companies that could potentially be partners, customers or even suppliers.

InnoConnections arranged the meeting itinerary and assisted us during the visit. The communication with InnoConnections was very efficient and professional. After a short while we had a list of potential companies to visit. Upon arrival in Finland I met with InnoConnections and got a detailed profiles of each company and some specifics of the country and culture.

The meetings with the identified companies were very positive as the companies had been carefully selected to match our profile. I warmly recommend InnoConnections' services."
Apateq - Chief Sales Officer Mr. Dirk Martin

Distribution partner search for LED luminaries

"Target of the project with InnoConnections was to find suitable distribution partners for five different countries. InnoConnections helped us to browse through numerous different companies and handpicked candidates fitting best in our pre-set requirements and wishes. Meetings with chosen companies were arranged as very tight and effective packages logistically and schedule wise.

The end result was a series of very successful meetings. Discussions were immediately on the spot thanks to initial introductions of both parties where business targets were made clear already beforehand. Meeting companies were very motivated and further discussions with companies selected after meetings fastly led us to practical distribution network building negotiations and actual pilot projects with new customer base."
Easy LED - International Sales Director Mr. Heikki Kasurinen 

Customized kitchen renovations and kitchen furniture

”Modexa needed help to evaluate the suitability for our business concept in the Finnish market. We started off by asking InnoConnections to do a market research report focusing on similarities and differences between the Swedish and Finnish market in regards to our business. Based on the findings in the detailed report it was decided that InnoConnections would arrange a series of C-level meetings with prospective customers. The trip to Finland for these meetings was very professionally arranged. The right decision makers from the customers attended and were well prepared, making the trip worthwhile. A next step is planned for 2014."
Modexa - Vice President Sales Mr. Robert Ekstrom 

Heat, gas and industrial thermal engineering design

"Business meetings in Finland for our company were organized for the second time. The first experience in 2012 did not suit us well, but the 2013 experience with Markus and InnoConnections was superb - everything was professionally arranged.  We and our potential clients were well prepared for the meetings thanks to Markus. The meeting companies already knew a lot about our fields of activities, so from the beginning of the meetings we started with negotiations and did not spent much time for introductions."
HeatConsult  - Member of the Board Mr. Igor Krupenski

First care products and equipment for ambulances and other rescue vehicles

"InnoConnections delivered a customized Swedish market check to us and arranged meetings with chosen key customer groups. I appreciated the professionally ready-made and coordinated trip. The meetings gave us instant insight on Swedish healthcare product market and we are already planning another trip to Sweden. I recommend InnoConnections' services."
MedKit Finland - CEO Mrs. Minna Åman-Toivio 

"HR factory has been active in German and Estonian markets for 10 years. In 2013, InnoConnections helped HR Factory to enter the Finnish market with our new service Scribicon. InnoConnections provided us with many new contacts and several business visits were organized. Markus and his team work in a very professional way and we were very pleased with the quality of their work and support through the whole process. InnoConnections offers a great opportunity to build a bigger network in Finland."
Scribicon - Marketing & Sales Director Ms. Pille Seppar

Biological waste water and gas treatment

"InnoConnections organized for our company a week packed with very useful business meetings. We have been active in Finland now for quite some years, but Markus brought us in touch with very interesting new contacts. All preparations were thoroughly taken care of by InnoConnections in a very efficient and professional manner. I was impressed how well Markus understood our business sector. On the basis of concise information he managed to not only contact, but also organize meetings with exactly the customers we were searching for. We are happy with the results of the week in Finland and with confidence we recommend InnoConnections to companies who wish to get introduced to the Finnish market."
Paques - Sales Manager Scandinavia

Tea products

"InnoConnections made a superb job in organizing meetings with companies. It was one of the most professional companies that I have ever used. I would strongly recommend them and use their services again in the future. Everything worked like clockwork and there were no problems or unknown changes in the schedule! A job well done!"
Eestisud - Managing Director Ms. Selma El Karim

Trade development

"“I recently used Markus's services to help me identify and reach out to senior level commercial and buyer contacts across Finland's Grocery and Food Service sector. I was extremely happy with the results achieved; Markus and his team were successful in securing direct meetings with a large percentage of the key buying contacts in Finland. These contacts will go a long way to help Scottish companies unlock new business. I would not hesitate to use InnoConnections and Markus again in the future."
Scottish Development International - Mr. Cameron Sutherland

Architecture and design

"Amhold has been active on Finnish engineering and building market for two years. Through InnoConnections we received several useful contacts that were above our expectations. All our needs were taken into account during the process of looking for the best solution for our company.  InnoConnections impressed us with high professionality, flexibility and helpfulness. Constructive and polite communication was an additional bonus."  

Trade development

"InnoConnections provides excellent, up-to-date service when building business bridges between Swedish and Finnish markets."
Swedish organization customer

Feeds from waste

"All the meetings were well organized and everybody welcomed us with open arms. The time between the meetings was good since we had plenty of time to travel between locations. The tips on how to do do business in Finland were very handy." 
Nijsen Granico

InnoConnections has worked with a variety of sectors including:

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  • Agriculture machinery
  • Energy sector
  • Food and beverages
  • Forestry machinery
  • Consumer goods
  • Gourmet food and wine
  • Industrial services
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