Food Safety Cluster Development In Oulu


There are new developments to create a food safety cluster to Oulu. As food industry develops new techniques and production becomes more effective, also monitoring needs to be improved. The aim is to develop bio sensor and online surveilance based solutions which enhance production and quality control. These solutions can find foreign subjects from food and enable elimination of microbiological and chemical risks already during production.

The food safety project lasts for three years. Its goal is to create 10-20 companies, 1000-2000 jobs and 100 million euros worth of export to the Oulu region. Oulu has a good basis for the cluster since the area holds strong knowledge in equipment, software and biotechnology. It is estimated that by 2014, the global food safety business will grow close to 14 billion dollars. It is seen that the growth of food safety sector is due to global food product markets, large batches of convenience food, tightening regulations from authorities, consumer awareness and food safety problems, such as EHEC. (Source: Oulu Magazine, 28.06.2011)

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