Shout For The Wolf


I read an excellent story in a local newspaper about the economic situation and crisis in Europe. The reporter made a reference to the situation as if people are shouting for a wolf. The story claimed that if reporters and economists keep on writing negative stories and forecasts, this is exactly what will happen. People will shout for the wolf and the wolf will come. If companies, consumers and investors continue to delay their investments and projects, just because media and economists are shouting for the wolf, it will lead exactly to this and maybe even to a worse situation.

The story inspired me to share it to you here.

Will you be the ones shouting for the wolf?

Or will you take matters in your own hands and help local companies in expanding to new markets and get more clients?

Let us start thinking positive and make an effort on it. In the end, there must be companies in every field that are in good financial condition and ready for new markets. We just need to find them and boost every country’s economic situation by increasing exports.

If politicians and economists do not have the answers how to deal with the situation, let us start making a change! In the end, WE are the ones who do the business.

So, if you feel motivated and feel like helping companies to new markets, please do not hesitate to contact me so we can discuss how InnoConnections can assist you in these efforts.

Best regards,

Markus Pitkänen

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