46 Per Cent Increase In The Sales Of Organic Products In Finland


The Nielsen Consumer panel reports that the organic markets value grew by 46 per cent in 2011. Even though the growth is a substantial one, the business is still rather small; accounting only 1, 7 per cent of all purchases in Finland.

 The portion of organic porridge flakes of the entire product category is already closing in on the 10 per cent mark and the percentage of organic eggs is nine per cent of the entire egg category. Companies can look forward to new openings in various categories; the organic beer sales went from zero per cent to 0,6 per cent and organic ice-creams grew from zero to 0,3 per cent.

According to Mr. Jukka Lassila from the Organic Association, multiple product groups’ demand is higher than the supply hence foreign organic products are taking over the markets. (Source: www.tekniikkatalous.fi, 06.02.2012 )

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