Finland Has A Lot To Give To The World


The secretary general of Sitra (The Finnish Innovation Fund), Mr. Mikko Kosonen, is perplexed about the doomsday mentality of the Finns.

The current global changes in economy and politics open wholly new kinds of doors for Finland and, according to Sitra’s vision; Finland is a forerunner country for sustainability who will offer solutions for example when dealing with social problems or water and other environmental issues for the rest of the world.

Mr. Kosonen believes that the rapidly developing Asian countries have an extensive amount of demand for example for the Finnish healthcare maintenance and education knowhow and now is the time to discover ways to pack up and commercialize this knowledge and sell it onwards.

One lesser known area of strength is neurotechnology; Helsinki made it on the list of the world’s TOP 20 neurotechnology concentrations for the first time last year. The neurotechnology market is growing steadily and is already past the EUR 100 billion mark a year. The industry’s investments are mainly focused on research and development.

Another big opportunity, in Mr. Kosonen’s opinion, is the effective utilization of natural resources; “Finland has water, forests, biomass and mining products. We could commercialize resource effective knowledge hence the ability to use natural resources better.” (Sources:,19.01.12 & www.talouselamä.fi, 20.01.12 )

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