Gasum Is Planning To Build A LNG Terminal In Finland


Gasum is planning to start importing liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Finland through an importing terminal. According to the company, this requires an investment of several hundred million euros for the construction to Southern Finland.

The preliminary information regarding the several hundred million euro investment suggests that Gasum is building the terminal with the needs of the Finnish natural gas markets in mind rather than just considering the needs of maritime transportations. This is a significant project as it would decrease Finland’s dependence on Russian natural gas.

The planned mega terminal could have natural gas imported to it from anywhere in the world, for example from Algeria, Qatar, Norway, Egypt and Yemen. When using the large, 135,000 cubic LNG tankers for importing, the price of the gas is significantly lowered when compared to the, relatively small, tankers of 7,000 - 15, 000 cubic that are used in Europe. (Source:, 28.03.2012)

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