A New Cutting Edge Elevator Technology For Tall Buildings


Kone released a new cutting edge elevator technology for tall buildings. In the future, the technology enables continuous elevator travelling up to a kilometre – twice as long as today.

Kone UltraRope – lift rope is made of new technology eliminating the restrictions of normal steel ropes and introducing new possibilities in the development of tall buildings. The new rope is made out of carbon fibre and frictionless coating which makes the rope ultra-light and strong thus reducing attrition of the ropes, energy consumption, and weight of the elevator’s moving masses. In addition, the carbon fibre rope is not as prone to sways of tall buildings as steel ropes since its natural frequency differs from the one of steel and other construction materials. The rope’s lifecycle is also at least twice as long requiring no lubricants or special maintenance. (Source: www.tekniikkatalous.fi, 10.6.2013)

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