Finland Is The Best Place For Information Technology


According to The World Economic Forum, Finland has the best readiness and abilities to use information technology. The Global Information Technology 2013 – report states that this is due to a company friendly atmosphere and a successful education system.

Finland replaced Sweden as the number one. The third place was taken by Singapore. These three countries have highly educated population, economical approach to matters and high investments in infrastructure in common. Finland stood out from other countries with by far the largest amount of patents applied in a year. In addition, up to 90 % of Finnish households having an Internet connection. In the report, Finland was described as “the centre of digital innovation”.

The measures in the research were the quality of government regulation, innovation and business environment, the actual use of IT and the social and economic impacts. According to the report, in digitalisation and utilisation of IT there is a multitude of positive impacts on economic growth and employment potential. (Source:, 12.4.2013)

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