Organic Groceries Market Grew 24 % In Finland In 2012


According to Pro Luomu ry (an association of organic food) the organic food market in Finland grew by almost a quarter last year. In 2012, organic food was sold by 202 million euros, 24 % more than 2011 (163 million euros). The estimation is based on data collected from 2012 retail groups' sales numbers . The sales growth was faster than the total sales of food. The market share of organic food grew to 1.6 %. The Operation Director of Pro Luomu, Marja-Riitta Kottila states that with this speed the growth objective (worth 330 million euros in 2015) will be achieved.

The demand is the greatest in the capital city area where the organic food market share was approximately 2.5 %. The consumers choose organic because of its purity and the well-being of animals and environment as well as because of the transparent distribution chain. The supervision of organic foods is strict and accurate and the organic farms and companies are regularly checked. 

The most sold organic product  is milk which takes nearly 20 % of the total sales of organic food. Fruits and vegetables are almost in the same figures. Fresh bakery products possess almost 10 % share. The consumer panel Nielsen claims that the market share of organic foods is greater than average in flakes, oils and eggs. According to Kottila the narrow selection of organic foods is reducing the market share of organic groceries from the total market and there is little or no selection of e.g. organic meat, processed food, frozen food and confectionery. (Source:, 5.3.2013)

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