Oulu's 3D Cluster Keeps On Developing


Several 3D companies from the city of Oulu and University of Oulu’s Center for Internet Excellence (CIE) have been chosen as a part of a large EU-project to develop a European wide technological platform.

Project creates dozens of new jobs for 3D-internet operators in Oulu-area and opens up numerous possibilities for international business. Technological clusters of Oulu-area would greatly benefit from subject related technologies and solutions. According to CIE’s director Mika Ylianttila, Oulu holds large amounts of Internet know-how.

Fi-Ware project’s EU funding is one of the biggest Oulu based organizations have ever received totaling to € 3.4 million. When complete, this € 66 million project covering over 45 companies and research institutes all around Europe will offer solutions that improve future Internet user interface performance and reliability. The project aims also to open up new application possibilities and lower the threshold of building 3D-internet services. (Source: www.kaleva.fi, 27.8.2013)

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