Solar Energy Roofs For Detached Houses See Daylight In Finland


Finnish steel manufacturing and construction company, Ruukki, is introducing customized roofs exploiting solar energy to be used on normal detached houses. The new roof, called Ruukki Classic solar –heat roof, provides the house energy and heating, and one system can last up to 25 years.

According to the company, the solar collector is integrated in the roofing in a way it suits the outer appearance of the roof, no separate panel needs to be installed. Ruukki claims that in Southern Finnish conditions half of the annual water usage in a household can be heated with solar energy. This period is between April and September. In the spring and autumn it is possible to warm up rooms with solar energy and in the summer the system strengthens the functions of the heat pump.

The heat roof is a part of solar energy system which includes solar collectors on the roof, technical equipment and the heat transmission pipes between the first two. The collectors are only partially covering the roof and are installed about three meters across. When the sun warms up the liquid inside the collector unit, the liquid warms up the boiler. (Source:, 12.3.2013)

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