Finland Invests In Arctic And Renewable Marine Business


Finland has acquired knowhow in arctic maritime shipping as the Baltic sea, a crucial logistics route, freezes over every winter for many months. 90% of Finland's export goods are transported on sea routes. Now, the knowhow creates more business opportunities to engineers and shipping companies. Northern areas have great potential when it comes to mining-, gas- and oil projects which require maritime transport knowledge. 

An investment of € 100 million is set to the Arctic Ocean program by the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation with an aim to create business worth billions. The Renewable Marine Business program is about giving a push to the development of new products and services which will result in sustainable business in the Arctic Ocean regions.

Essential business areas are environmental technology, arctic- and other maritime transport, offshore industry, maritime industry, and businesses based on arctic knowhow. (Source: , 8.1.2014)

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