Industrial Scale Geothermal Production Starts In Finland


Energy companies St1 and Fortum are cooperating in a project to build Finland’s firs industrial scale geothermal energy plant.  The geothermal plant is estimated to produce 40 MW of heat energy.

Energy will be produced by drilling a deep U-shaped tunnel in the ground to the depth of 6 to 8 kilometres, where water will be led in. The heat of the ground should warm up the water, which will then rise up from the other end with the help of a pump. The depth of 6 to 8 kilometres should ensure that the water is over 120 degrees Celsius, which is the temperature needed for heat production. This water can then be used to produce district heating. The depth of the tunnel brings a challenge to the project, as such a long holes have not been done before. (Source:, 28.11.2014)

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