New Ways To Utilize Pulp And Bark


Universities, Technical Research Centre of Finland and the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation are currently investigating ways to manufacture technical products, plastics and different textiles from pulp. Pulp materials could also be used in 3D printing. The University of Jyväskylä has already converted a paper machine to produce string that can be used to for example make pipes and dishes around moulds.

Technical Research Centre of Finland is conducting a research to find out if birch bark could have further industrial use. The project is currently examining the production and marketing possibilities for compounds extracted from bark. In the best case scenario, a solvent extraction plant worth millions of euros will be placed in Savonlinna, Finland.

The plan is to separate betulin and suberin from bark to replace oil and pine resin, which are used in paints, glues, medicines and biodiesel production. The raw material, birch bark, is easily available as saw- and pulp mills have large amounts of left over. The desired substances are collected by solvent extraction and lye treatment.

As the paper demand is slowing down around the world, Finns are exploring new ways to use pulp. The forestry industry is one of the largest industries in Finland.
(Source:, 18.2.2014 and, 19.2.2014)

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