Business Opportunities In Finland For 2017


Here are the key sectors which provide business opportunities in Finland for 2017. Naturally, there are also other fields that provide business potential but companies providing products, services and solutions to these fields have the best chances in finding clients and partners.

The key fields for 2017 are:

- Transport and logistics
o Helsinki expands its railyard with €60 million
o Tampere has begun building its tram network worth of €283 million
o Helsinki and Espoo are planning a combined tram project worth of €275 million

- Marine Industry
o the Finnish marine industry is breaking records in orders
o order books are filled for the next 10 years
o cruise ships, passenger ferries, ice breakers, repairs and refurbishments of old ships

- Energy, Cleantech and Environment
o Tampere region will build a huge water treatment plant
o Finland-Estonia gas pipe receives funding

- Food and drinks
o vegetarian food products

- Industrial investments
o production plants and production lines
o power plants
o energy efficiency
o material handling and equipment

You can read and download the full Business Opportunities in Finland for 2017 document which provides more precise information on the key sectors from:

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