Finnish Healthtech Is Breaking Records


Finnish healthtech reached record level exports of €2.11 billion in 2016, growing 9.7 % from the previous year. Imports of health technology products to Finland amounted to €1 billion, growing 8 % from the previous year. This means that the field generated a record surplus of a billion euros for Finland.

Finnish healthtech is one of the fastest growing export fields in Finland. Within the last 20 years, the field has five-folded exports and ten-folded the surplus. The average growth of exports has been 6.6 % annually.

The 2016 growth mostly consisted of healthcare equipment exports, which grew 12 % to €1.35 billion. The second biggest area was in vitro diagnostics, which grew 4 % to €526 million. Exports to USA grew 23 %, reaching €841 million and the second biggest export country was China with a recorded growth of 19 %, reaching €177 million in exports. (Source: Tekniikka & Talous, 4.4.2017)

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