Organic Meat Sales Growing In Finland


Organic meat sales increased 14 % in grocery retail stores during 2016 but the growth could have been even bigger as there is not enough organic meat to meet the demand. Also, restaurants and food service companies are struggling to get domestic organic meat. There is especially request for organic pork and poultry.

About 1 % of meat sales were organic in the Finnish grocery retail in 2016. Finnish grocery retail leader S Group informs that there has been a growth of 30 % for organic meat in their stores in the beginning of 2017. The most popular organic meat products are minced meat and Christmas hams.

A total of 4.36 million kilos of organic meat was produced in Finland in 2016. Two thirds of the meat was beef and about a quarter pork. The share of organic meat production was only a bit over 1% of the total meat production in Finland. (Source: Tekniikka & Talous 7.7.2017)

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