Why InnoConnections?


Planning and organizing a complete business meeting program consumes time and resources. Our trade developers take this burden off your shoulders, arranging every detail on your behalf, ensuring easy and successful market entry. With InnoConnections planning your program, you can concentrate in the essential: doing business.  


Have you ever tried cold calling to foreign countries? As an insider to the market, we bring credibility and trustworthiness when we contact new potential clients for you. Using the services of private trade development company means that you have invested money for your internationalization efforts, thus you are serious in pursuing new markets.


InnoConnections has helped over 500 companies establishing business connections in Finland and elsewhere in Europe. Our trade developers know the local language, market and culture as well as the latest trends and developments in your business field. Steady contact with local businesses offers a unique chance for acquiring inside information on new projects and business opportunities. InnoConnections provides you with only the relevant and interested contacts within the desired market.


Our database includes companies, organisations and institutions in a wide variety of business fields around Finland. As an independent trade development company, we do not limit ourselves to companies which have given their contact details to a certain register, are members of an organization or are located in a defined geographic area.

InnoConnections has partners which provide similar services in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, UK, Ireland, the Baltic countries, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Ukraine and Spain. If you are interested in these markets, please contact us.